WomenCrush Music is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support rising women songwriters by hosting showcases

WomenCrush Music is a non-profit organization that supports female artists and songwriters by hosting showcases. They are a platform for women in music to get their work seen and to build their careers. They also provide free resources for songwriters such as access to networking events and marketplaces.

But, the support they give is not limited to just opportunities. WomenCrush hosts mentorship programs in collaboration with other non-profits and organizations like ASCAP, Songkick, Epitonic and more that provide support for local artists on how to get started in the industry. The organization also has a mentoring program where they connect mentors with emerging female musicians by providing them with advice, resources or even financial assistance.

WomenCrush Music is a female-only non-profit organization that features songwriters of all genres and skill levels with the aim of support rising women songwriters. They offer showcases, mentorship, and resources to help these women.

WomenCrush Music hosts monthly showcases in Nashville, TN every year at the end of each month. The showcase features five female artists each night who are invited with advanced notice to showcase their music to a wide variety of music executives in the Nashville area. As well as offering booking opportunities for the artists after their performances at the showcase, Women Crush Music also provides music licensing opportunities for the artists based on their performance at a Women Crush show.

The mission of Women Crush is to support rising women songwriters by hosting showcases in order for them get more opportunities for performing.

WomenCrush Music is a non-profit organization that empowers rising women songwriters. They host an annual showcase, the Women Crush National Radio Show, online and on TV. The mission of Women Crush is to support, unapologetically celebrate and advocate for all women.

WomenCrush Music was founded by Sami Grolnick in 2012. She wanted to create a place where she could showcase her own music as well as give other artists the opportunity to have their voices heard. Today, the nonprofit has grown into a national radio show with both terrestrial and satellite broadcasts on SiriusXM Presents “Women Crush Radio”.

Unapologetically celebrate and advocate for all women: WomenCrush Music hosts an annual showcase in order to provide opportunities for new artists who don’t have access to mainstream radio stations.

WomenCrush Music was founded by Sharon Dolan in 2018. Dolan produces a showcase for women songwriters every month in Brooklyn. They host various events to promote female artists from around the world.


– WomenCrush Music (website)

– Women Crush Music, founded by Sharon Dolan, produces monthly showcases for women songwriters in Brooklyn

– Spotlight: August’s showcase had 10 international artist and singer performing on a night filled with live performances

– Non-profit organization that supports rising women artists

Women Crush Music is a non-profit organization that hosts showcases for female artists and songwriters. The organization also provides legal assistance to the artists.

Tina Nguyen is one of the founders of Women Crush Music and she shares how it has been beneficial for her as a woman in the music industry. She says that it has given her opportunities to work with people across other fields such as songwriting, music production, and engineering.

Women Crush Music gives women their own space where they can be seen and heard. This can be hard because women usually have to present themselves differently in many settings like on a stage or in an interview or at a record label meeting. They tend to be quieter or less upfront compared to men, but this can help them if they are given support from people like WomenCrush.

WomenCrush Music, a non-profit organization, supports rising women artists by hosting showcases. These showcases are also used to provide opportunities for aspiring artists.

WomenCrush Music is a non-profit organization that supports female musicians and songwriters by hosting artist showcases. They also provide opportunities for young artists and their talent is first hand experienced through the musical events they host. Their mission is accomplished by providing an online portal where people can access the best new music from up-and-coming female musicians across genres.

WomenCrush Music was founded in 2017 by Aliesha Lemons and Erika Joy with the goal of showcasing rising women songwriters in a professional setting while providing opportunities for young aspiring artists to shine as well as providing an online outlet where people can access these talented female musicians.